The fund is not active, yet. Our goal is to start operating in early 2018.
When The Medicine Fund becomes active, a portion of revenue from > Marijuana.Ca will be allocated to the fund. Additional money will also be raised thru other efforts for this fund. 

The Medicine Fund  - Daft document version 1.06.  October, 2017
1. Financial Support for Patients in Need   2. Education   3. Research & Development

1. Financial Support for Patients is our Primary Mandate.

The fund will offer financial support to patients in Canada who cannot afford to buy their medicine.  The Medicine Fund will work with Licensed Producers to arrange for financial subsidies to reduce the cost of the Medical Marijuana/Cannabis or provide the medicine at no cost. Some Licensed Producers currently offer programs that subsidize patients who qualify. The Medicine Fund will, in some cases, add additional subsidies to those programs.

We are currently in discussions with Licensed Producers and Applicants to move this process forward.  We anticipate that The Medicine Fund will be working with many Licensed Producers to offer financial support to patients in need.  Our goal is to work with as many Licensed Producers as possible, in order to give patients on limited incomes access to the widest variety of subsidized Medical Marijuana/Cannabis.

We are planning for a general fund, and focused funds that are targeted towards specific Licensed Producers. 

Our Secondary Mandates :
To be introduced only after our primary mandate is robust and showing significant results.

2. Education

The fund will offer financial support and sponsorship to various kinds of educational initiatives related to Medical Marijuana/Cannabis.

3. Research & Development

The fund will offer financial support and sponsorship to Researchers, Orgs and Companies that are developing Marijuana/Cannabis Medicines that provide benefit to patients who have various illnesses and diseases across a wide spectrum. We are especially interested in research and development of medicine that can bring benefit to people who have neurological disorders.
Examples like : ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Dementia and more.